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ioSAT Potassium Iodide Pills

Prefer to buy a ready-made kit? Nukepills.com sells radiation emergency protection kits for individuals, families and groups.

Kits include products which have been tested and approved by the FDA, NIOSH and/or the Department of Homeland Security. Items can also be purchased seperately.

About Nukepills.com:

Since 1999, Nukepills.com has been selling emergency radiation products direct to the general public. A top supplier of FDA-approved potassium iodide, they also sell wholesale to medical and nuclear facilities and government agencies. They have been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the major news networks. After the Fukushima disaster in 2011, Nukepills donated 54,000 doses of potassium iodide to the Japanese people to help those affected by the tragedy.

Nukepills.com offers economical flat rate shipping, and occasional discounts on multi-item purchases. See their site for details.

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personal dosimeterGeneral Emergency Supplies

For special medical needs:

If you have babies / children:

If you have pets:


Keep everything in a covered storage container. Store papers, medications, matches, batteries, phones, radios, flashlights (and anything else subject to water damage) in waterproof containers.

See also: http://emergency.cdc.gov/preparedness/kit/disasters/

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